We capture high quality data and provide accessible datasets at low cost

The highly skilled and experienced team of is capturing geospatial data with the aim to make high quality data accessible for further processing and enrichment.

Data storage on Dutch servers!

Data storage on Dutch servers

To protect intellectual data property and to comply with privacy legislation, we store all data within the Netherlands.

Data storage on Dutch servers!

Seamless API and AI solutions

Tailor made applications and view applications to your data needs.

Data storage on Dutch servers!

Specials and Off-the-shelf data

Enabling parties with domain knowledge to innovatie in their specific area of expertise.

  • Usage dependent price-optimization 

    Avoid these monthly unforeseen out of pocket expenses. Control your cost by choosing a pricing model that fits your usage.

  • High quality

    State of the art technology allow us to deliver the highest quality imagery data. Our inhouse engineers provide a top-shelf service that allows you to optimize your data usage.

  • Accessible datasets

    Choose the product that fits your need, no black boxing. Whether you need 360° viewer functions combined with basic measuring features or a full access via AI driven APIs, we can tailor to your needs.

Our systems are equipped with the latest HR Cameras and Lidar sensors. High end GNSS applications guarantee the required positioning accuracy

Mobile Mapping

More about mobile mapping

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